Which football club has the highest commercial revenue?

The Manchester City football club is no stranger to being the best. Not only has the club won the Premier League five times in the last decade and is currently ranked first in the league this year, but it has just topped the ranks of the European club that generated the most revenue in the last year. Liverpool was also just one of five clubs that reported more than 100 million euros in revenues during the day, which was the first time the club did so, as the fans returned to the stadiums. And although its ranking on Facebook and Twitter is much lower, sixth and eighth, respectively, the club is in third place after the two Spanish clubs on Instagram, with 55.7 million followers.

In particular, five Monetary League clubs have joined the United Nations Climate Sports Action Framework, an initiative “aimed at supporting and guiding sports actors in achieving global climate change objectives”, and two clubs (Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur) have committed to the UN's Race to Zero initiative. Some 45 clubs from 11 countries have participated in the Money League during that time, and only four clubs have finished in the top: Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. And the French club is just one of three European clubs (along with Liverpool and Tottenham) that are among the 10 best in the Monetary League that have adhered to the United Nations Framework on Sport for Climate Action. Diversity Tottenham Hotspur, the most diverse and inclusive of all the clubs in the top 10, has 25% representation of ethnic minorities and women on its board of directors and is just one of three European clubs (together with Paris Saint Germain and Liverpool) that have adhered to the United Nations Framework on Sport for Climate Action.

We have carefully selected Deloitte's Football Money League report to offer the 10 best European football clubs with the highest revenues, along with their track record of generating revenue, their popularity on social media and their commitment to ESG objectives.

Kristopher Hesselink
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