How many stars does mamelodi sundowns have?

It is currently the most successful football club of the South African PSL era. For decades, the club has been topping the list of the best teams in the PSL, with stars from all over the world. It currently has a squad of 36 players, of which 16 are national team players and 9 are foreign players. Andile Jali is the captain of Mamelodi Sundowns, and the following are the current players on the best team.

Mamelodi Sundowns players are famous for the distinctive method of playing the Shoe Shine & piano, which consists of composing short but fast passes to resemble the Spanish Tiki-taka. With the club's dominance in South African and international football, some of the Mamelodi Sundowns players became club legends. Mamelodi Sundowns is a professional football club located in Mamelodi, Pretoria, in the Gauteng province of South Africa. Five years later, their women's team won the CAF Women's Champions Championship, making Sundowns the first African club to win the CAF Champions League and the CAF Women's Champions League titles.

The next Sundowns' game will be a trip to Cameroon to face the Coton Sport Football Club de Garoua on Friday night. The Mamelodi Sundowns will finally fulfill their wish to have three stars added to their shield in recognition of having won 10 national league titles (The Tenth) after it became known that the decision will be taken at the annual general meeting (AGM) of the Premier Soccer League on Thursday afternoon.

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