Is mamelodi sundowns the best team?

The Mamelodi Sundowns is the number one team in Africa and has surpassed the eternal giants Al Ahly at the top, according to the most recent information from footballdatabase, com. As I mentioned before, by maintaining a tight shape with the bodies close together when building and when attacking, the Sundowns also naturally have a compact shape, with many bodies around the opponent's ball carrier, ready to press after having dispossessed a player from the Sundowns. Mamelodi Sundowns was in top form as they defeated Golden Arrows 6-0 in the DStv Premiership this afternoon. To conclude this tactical analysis, the Sundowns meet many of the requirements that football fans would look for in a modern and attractive soccer team from the point of view of how they approach the game with the ball and how they approach it without the ball.

Mamelodi Sundowns has earned a reputation as one of the best soccer teams on the African continent. The victory means that Mamelodi Sundowns could officially win the league with two more wins or sooner if other results go well. Mamelodi Sundowns reached the top of the ranking of African football clubs for the first time on Monday after dethroning Al Ahly. Only two teams from outside the North African region participate, namely Mamelodi Sundowns and Atletico Petro de Luanda.

Just before Figure 9, the Sundowns player who had circled in the left half space was dispossessed and, after recovering the ball from the Sundowns dribbler, the opponent began trying to build his own counterattack, immediately sending the ball to the center of the field.

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